Steve Hudson, Naval Architect & Marine Designer

Steve Hudson

I have been operating my own naval architecture business since 1995. Prior to that I was responsible for the design, construction, and modification of small craft and other aluminum fabrications for marine and industrial use, working for Southwest Boat, Inc., and JBF Scientific, Inc, here in Southwest Harbor.

Since going off on my own Iíve been designing and lofting yachts and commercial vessels for various clients across the country. My goal has been to satisfy my customersí objectives while balancing their preferences against the ultimate use of the vessel. I have a great deal of experience modeling a wide range of shapes for construction in aluminum, steel, and wood. As background for my design work, I have personal experience operating small commercial and pleasure vessels, including the operation of sailing vessels and small tug and barge combinations. I also spent 6 years working at sea on several deep-water oceanographic vessels for the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University.

In addition to my working experience, I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies from Cornell University and an Associate of Science degree in Small Craft Naval Architecture from YDI College of Marine Technology.

Background photograph by Alison Hudson