M/V Jenny S. - Design, Loft, and Provide Construction Drawings

Winninghoff Boats, Inc. contracted with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to build a new 40' boat for their educational programs. We were hired to revise the design for the Foundation's last boat to improve its appearance, simplify its construction, and attempt to reduce engine noise on deck. Working with the builder and their client, we modified the previous design's arrangement and detailed the vessel for construction using computer-controlled plasma-cut parts. We also worked with a local company to reduce the noise on deck by installing sound-dampening tiles, sound-absorbing insulation, and a water-cooled silencer. At the same time we prepared all required drawings for US Coast Guard inspection and certification of the vessel to carry 33 passengers and 2 crew.

The M/V Jenny S. was completed in September 2000 and put in operation by the Foundation immediately afterward. It was successful enough that we were hired by Winninghoff Boats a year later to make some minor changes in the design for a second boat, the M/V Meredith Creek, which was finished and launched in 2002. Click here to download the images of M/V Jenny S.

Background photograph by Alison Hudson